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I'm not sure if I'm like most software developers, but I've always found that the product I was working on almost didn't matter. What really makes me happy, and gives me fulfillment in my work, is writing beautiful code. Whether it's an operating system used by billions of people or a CRUD app for a small business, I can apply my love of software craftsmanship - minimalist, clean, easy to read and understand - it’s art that has utility. Software craftsmanship makes me happy and I want to optimize my work life for that. That led me to freelancing...

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Attack Pattern is now Facet Development

Today, I'm excited to announce some big changes at Attack Pattern, beginning with our new name - Facet Development or Facet for short. We chose the name Facet because it's timeless and it evokes a sense of beauty, precision, quality and elegance - attributes we try to imbue in all the code we write for our customers.

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