Robert Sweeney
Co-founder and CTO of Facet, inventor of binge-watching, father, hacker.
August 7, 2018

Attack Pattern is now Facet Development

Today, I'm excited to announce some big changes at Attack Pattern, beginning with our new name - Facet Development or Facet for short. We chose the name Facet because it's timeless and it evokes a sense of beauty, precision, quality and elegance - attributes we try to imbue in all the code we write for our customers.

Our new logo!

When Damien and I started Attack Pattern back in 2011, we spent hours upon hours trying to come up with a decent name for our new company. It was extra hard though because. So instead, we used a domain I had lying around -, with the plan to pick a new name ASAP. Seven years later, it's finally time.

We're renaming the company now because it was long overdue. What does Attack Pattern even mean? It comes from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Luke Skywalker tells his squad to execute "Attack Pattern Delta. Go now." I thought it sounded cool at first, but from the very beginning, the name confused our customers and didn't tell you anything about what we do. Our new name solves those problems.

Facet Development is different than all the other dev shops out there. When I was an engineering manager at Microsoft, I had some feature areas that I was responsible for that were perfect for outsourcing. However, when I went to hire a vendor to help us build them, I was pretty disappointed. All the vendors I talked to had engineers that were not as skilled or experienced as the engineers on my team. I knew that whatever I had them build, we'd have to re-write it later.

It makes sense to me now. In most cases, if you are a developer that is skilled enough to work at Microsoft or Amazon or Google, then you're going to go work there, because they are great companies with incredible benefits. The large contract software vendors were only able to find devs that weren't skilled enough to land full-time jobs at those companies. 

However, when I started Attack Pattern, I had a theory that there were highly skilled devs working at the Googles of the world, that actually would rather be an independent developer. Maybe they wanted to bootstrap a startup, but wanted or needed to earn some extra cash on the side. Maybe they wanted to live somewhere outside one of the major tech hubs. Maybe they just wanted a better work/life balance. I also had a theory that the other dev agencies cared more about putting butts in seats than they did about connecting companies to the best talent. Quantity over quality. We saw an opportunity to build a dev agency that was filled with battle tested engineers and targeted specific opportunities where their skills were needed.


Introducing the Facet Developer Network

Over the past 7 years we've been building our network of devs, but we haven't been able to keep up with demand.  The biggest challenge we face today at Facet is finding enough freelancers with several years of work experience at a Facebook or an Amazon. So today we're changing up our business model a bit and launching the Facet Developer Network. We think it's the first of it's kind. The Facet Developer Network is a network of high-quality, like-minded engineers (freelancers, entrepreneurs,  remote workers, etc) that are part of a community (a Slack team really), where they can get help, find community and most importantly - get freelance work.

Our commitment to the developer network is to find interesting projects or contract development positions, do the sales, handle the hourly rate negotiations, manage the client relationship and do the collections. When a project opportunity comes up, we assign an in-house project manager to assemble the right team from the developer network to complete the project.

If you join the developer network, you get a community and you also get emails periodically for projects we find that we think will be a good match for your skill set. In some cases it's a fixed bid project where you estimate the cost of the first milestone, and that's what you'll get paid, even if it only takes you two days to do it. In other cases the opportunity will have a weekly rate attached to it. We're transparent with you about the weekly rate you'll get paid and what we're charging the client.

If you are a qualified engineer, we'd love to have you join. It doesn't cost anything and your information is kept completely confidential unless you choose to have us share it with a client for a project. You'll get an email address, an invite to our Slack group, and we'll start sending you work opportunities. We've currently got some pretty cool stuff going on at Oculus, Disney and several startups. To join you need to complete your developer profile here. It takes about 5min.

If you want to learn more about our developer network, click here

Robert Sweeney

Co-founder and CTO of Facet, inventor of binge-watching, father, hacker.

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