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Introducing the Facet Developer Network

Facet filters out thousands of low-quality contractors using our unique screening process - we only accept ex-FAANG developers, designers and product managers. That means you are hiring from an elite talent pool that have already passed the most rigorous hiring bars in the software industry.

You're also getting contractors that have experience building massively scalable systems at the highest standards of quality - the kind of experience you simply can't get at smaller software companies or dev bootcamps.

FAANG = Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google

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How it works

Facet is an exclusive network of senior engineers that have spent many years at top companies like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (often referred to as FAANG), but have transitioned to contracting. Our curated network of ex-FAANG engineers makes it easy to find and hire proven talent.

Step 1

We find top talent

Contractors apply to join the Facet Developer Network. Only senior candidates that have successfully passed the rigorous screening process at companies like Google and Amazon are accepted.

Step 3

You hire exceptional engineers!

You hire contract engineers that are the same caliber as your full-time employees. 9 out of 10 customers are extremely satisfied with their Facet engineers.

Step 2

You interview a short-list

We provide you a short-list of highly-qualified contractors that meet the requirements you've given us. You skip the screening process and jump straight to final interviews.

Hiring? We know talent.

Facet was built by engineering leaders, for engineering leaders. Now you can easily add engineering capacity without sacrificing quality.

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Membership Requirements

In order to join the Facet Developer Network, you must meet the following requirements.

Become a Facet contractor

Are you an ex-FAANG developer, designer, product manager, or data scientist that wants to switch to contracting? Join the Facet Developer Network (it's free!) and get high-quality contracting opportunities delivered to your inbox.

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