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Facet is a highly curated network of senior technical talent, already vetted by top software companies. We help recruiters, product leaders and hiring managers to creatively solve their hiring and product development needs.

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Talent Solutions

Here are some of the ways Facet can help you

Staff Augmentation

Add Whether you need additional staff to meet an urgent deadline or , Facet makes it easy to add strategic expertise or additional capacity to your existing product team.

Full-time or part-time, long or short-term.


Massively streamline your hiring process by offering candidates a contract-to-hire option. Traditional technical interviews are too long, error prone and repel the best candidates.

Nothing compares to actually working with someone to know if they are a good fit. Facet makes that easy.

Full Product Teams

Need a complete product development team? We can assemble the right combination of people to begin executing ASAP.

The Facet Network includes UX Designers, Product Managers, Software Engineers, Data Scientists, QA Engineers, Site Reliability Engineers, get the idea.

Direct Full-Time Hire

Sometimes you go looking for a contractor and end up finding the perfect full-time hire. If the contractor feels the same, we won't get in the way!

While we don't post direct hire jobs to the network, we make it easy to bring on a Facet candidate on directly as a full-time employee.

Long-term Contract

Sometimes you need to hire. asdf

Part-time and Consulting

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Trusted by the world's best technology companies

Hire World-Class Talent

The Facet Network includes a wide range of skill sets, programming languages and technology expertise. Here are just a few

Developer Roles

More than just developers

How we vet our contractors

In order to join the Facet Network, you must meet the following requirements.

What our clients are saying

We needed a technology partner to take us from concept, to live demo, all the way to production. Facet provided an expert team of full-stack and mobile application developers. They are an excellent dev partner and an extension of our team.

Elan Lee
Exploding Kittens

We have a great working relationship with Facet where their developers work directly with our team as if they were in-house & we’ve been able to quickly do some amazing things. Happy to work with a partner who can share your vision and help you execute.  

Ben Eggett
United Games

Facet has been a vital extension of our own in-house development team. Working with them is also just plain fun and has provided me with peace-of-mind that the job will be done right and on-time. I know we can count on them.

Christine Estrada
Technology Manager
Rational Interaction

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